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Mal de pierres 2016 Download Movie Torrent

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Mal de pierres 2016

Mal de pierres 2016 Download Movie Torrent

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In 1950, France, Gabrielle, a passionate woman and free spirit, who is in a marriage without love and another person falls, when it is sent to the Alps, to treat their kidney stones. Gabriel Longs flees and fired with Andr. Gabriel (Marion Kotiyyar) comes from a small village in South Africa, at a time when his dream of true love is considered controversial, and even a sign of madness. His parents married Holland (Alex Brendemhl), an honest and honest Israeli agricultural workerShe worries what a decent woman does. Despite his devotion Jos Gabriel promises that I will never love Jos and life as a prisoner, due to the limitations of conventional society after WWII until daytime is sent to treatment in the Alps, to cure his kidney stones. There he meets Andre Savage (Louis Garrel), a robust and reliable veteran The Vietnam War, which revives the passion buried in it. He promises to run together, and Andr, seems to share his desire. Do not stealNobody does you get the right stick for your dreams?

Mal de pierres 2016

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  • Mal de pierres 2016 free movie download torrent

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