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Google Chrome v46 32/64 Bit Update Free Download Torrent

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Google Chrome v46

Google Chrome v46 32/64 Bit Update Free Download Torrent

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Clean torrent Google Chrome v46

Google Chrome is stable (x86 x64) {B4tman}

Details: –

Google Chrome is a browser that combines simple design with modern technology to make the web fast, safe and easy. Google Chrome also uses a new javascript engine (V8), faster than the current javascript interpreter. This means that you can create AJAX applications with more hard drive and processing. Finally, Google Chrome is on Blink (Forgot Password), so Google Chromewata users benefit from CSS3 features.added to Blink (Web Focus) as these features are provided.

Features: –

Window for any function


Power tabs

Manage failure

Status of entry

Google Gears integration

Each sheet in a separate process is written

timeline updates for app components.

Click once

Enter settings from other browsers

Easy download process

Safe monitoring

Use the easy and fast version of WebKitHTML

Multilanguage support and easy-to-use browser

Readand failure of the reader depends

Google Chrome v46

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  • Google Chrome v46 32/64 Bit Download Torrent

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