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Five Nights at Freddys 2 Windows XP/7/8 Free Download Torrent

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Five Nights at Freddys 2

Five Nights at Freddys 2 Windows XP/7/8 Free Download Torrent

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Clean torrent Five Nights at Freddys 2

If you did not die from a heart attack when playing five nights at Freddy, then prepare for a terrible observation, which will return you to the worst pitsyznoho joint in another world, such as the night watchman. If you think that scary jump in the first game is not good, wait five o’clock last night at Freddy 2.

Go back to work

Like the first game, five nights at 2 Freddy believe that within a week you take a roleBy restaurant keepers.Ye 7 shifts to pass the whole game (especially the day of transition), but in the demo program can only play in a twinkling of the eye.

You rozmischuyetes control rooms as well as previous versions. You need to use a security camera to monitor the animatronichnymy creatures and make sure they are not included in your office and do not expose you to the devil. This time there was no door to keeping her was the ugly first.

Instead, you need Freddy’s maskFazberi’s bear needs to quickly knock out and place when one of the creatures is closed. This will prevent them from your atacas because they think you are one of them. You also have a flashlight that allows you to look into the hallway to see what you can.

Afraid of the night

There are 11 characters to store the deposit, and it is not comfortable to have the office, you feel more vulnerable to Freddy’s vip night 2. Move through a pretty CCTV cameraEasy, but you need to quickly pull the mask if you want to survive. Therefore, this game is harder than the first five nights at Freddy, and you really need your intelligence if you want to avoid moving fears – which, incidentally, will make you scream louder than ever.

In addition to new characters and mechanical masks, limamalam with Freddy 2 adds new features where you can customize the character’sAnimatronichnyh, allowing you to customizedifficulty level. Raising these values ​​to maximum for each key gives you the opportunity to finish your work, but your face is still stuck in your head.

Care needs

Night graphicallyThe colors in this Freddy 2 did not improve in the first game, and the style was very uniform. 3D-graphics are not so complicated, and almost no animation, but also, it’s not really aMateriya Even, which adds to the coolness of the cool game.

Either oneThings go and do the first game so bad, sound effects, and, fortunately, five nights at Freddy 2 also win. From an odd annoying noise the camera is aimed at the installation on the side – and it works. My specific point is music, “jack-in-the-box” that seems to be playlists ever, building the speed and duration of each cycle.

Play if you are brave

Although on the surface it does not look like upgrading from the first version, the game is veryDifferent from how five nights at Freddy, who can play. Be warned, though it’s harder than ever, and jumping to scare bending over the floor like a kid.

Five Nights at Freddys 2

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